Advantages At Pazheri Properties

Why us ?

Even though the group has its feelers across business verticals, the one that has been designed to be the flag ship of the Group is “Pazheri Properties and Developers Pvt. Ltd.” The management realized the old saying “Land is limited, while the requirement for land is unlimited.” Thus the philosophy of the group is to identify and provide for economical housing solutions across the cross section of the society. The group believes that it is the birthright of all humans to have an accommodation of his or her own and the group has taken a pledge to work for it against all constraints. We are also fully equipped to promote the land holding of all our customers who wish to participate as investors in a relationship which is beneficial to every one. We are the ultimate in all types of land solutions.

Property appreciation

At a time when the Macro economy is oscillating in its growth chart, the property segment saw a steady growth of 25 to 30% annually on an average. With the new Govt. sanctions and the reduction in housing loan interest rates, it is estimated that this sector will grow past 30%in the coming years. The appreciation in property rates are always synonymous with growth rate and like most business are directly proportionate to demand and supply. As of now we have been able to offer a 15 to 20% price appreciation annually to our clients.

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